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When a pin falls on the floor,
Its sound breaks the deep silence of my loneliness,
Just like the roundness of the waves of the sea,
In a mirror, my reflection is stimulated
To complete the canvas.

A branch of a tree breaks
And falls on the ground,
Due strong wind.
From all directions
From the core of the clouds
Thundering sound is heard
Along sparkling light.

A couple of bird is drenched
In the shower of rain,
My heart earnestly
Desire to go and
Feel the pleasure
Of the rain just like a birdie
In the nest
But, there are some
Conditions of my birth
In this world…

I don’t feel to touch the
Shadows of the white canvas,
Because moonlit night is
Singing the tone of love.

On the bank of a river,
In the endless nights
My loneliness,
My beautiful loneliness
And a song written by
Mahawar(a red holy water)
On the marble
May be heard till morning,
I wish to hear this song every night,
O God! I wish to hear
This song every night.

By : Ashok Kumar Singh

Droplets of rain
Falling on water surface
Making circles around
Creates a
Tickling feeling in my
Heart which I want
To paint, feel them
Write them…. 

The touch of the
First ray of the Sun
On my eyelids
Takes away with it
All the sleepless nights
And stimulates me to
Turn towards the
Canvas to express
Those moments. 

Waving my hand
In the sea water
The touches of shells and pearls
A pleasing feeling runs
Through my heart.

By : Sakshi Kalra





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